Thursday, 11 April 2013

Disco disco disco disco

Shirt Matalan
Disco Pants Glamorous
Boots Topshop
How utterly fabulous is it when you are clearing out your drawers and find a gem you totally forgot you owned? Hello new blouse! I bought this about 3 year ago from Matalan and wore it to death, yet for some reason stopped wearing it so, with many other items that I fell out of love with, it ended up buried in the depths of my chest of drawers. It's like buying a totally new top when finding a gem like this as, as the rest of my wardrobe has been updated, it can paired with my newer items to create new outfits. It has a floral lace detail on the back and also has a drop back-it's so pretty!
I was planning on tucking it into my black maxi skirt but felt like someone from Beamish (those of you from the North will know what I mean) so just decided to wear it over the top of my Glamorous Disco Pants, which I have also worn to death. Maybe after tweaking I may be able to sport the Victorian school mistress look?!


  1. I love finding old clothes which I used to wear all the time! That blouse is lovely:)

  2. Love when that happens.. brings back memories too! :) love the outfit!


  3. i love finding hidden gems in the depths of my wardrobe! xxx

  4. That blouse is gorgeous, although I wish it was new because I want one! :) haha

    Danielle xx
    Danielleyc | UK Beauty, fashion & lifestyle blog

  5. You look so pretty! I love finding old items I forgot I had : )


  6. Your blouse is sooooo nice! I cannot exaggerate that more! Your blog is lovely I'm a new follower
    Love Karen xoxo

  7. You look gorgeous, love it when that happens! There's probably loads of hidden gems that I've forgotten about at the back of my overly stuffed wardrobe! xx

  8. you look lovely, the shirt is gorgeous :)xo